So who is this Robin Schell character anyway?

This is the cliff notes version, over time we’ll add some stories and relevant ramblings as the mood strikes.

Robin is a singer, songwriter and keyboard player with a distinctive voice and style and has created music under various names at different times, fronted bands, supported other artists, toured, played sessions, worked as FOH sound and 2nd engineer in the studio and shot and edited music videos and other types of audio-visual productions.   Notable examples include the following:

Blue-Shift: LA based prog rock band, was lead singer and contributing songwriter. The band released one album on CD licensed to Musea records.

Formed ‘Midnight Under Glass’ in LA along with guitarist Djemel Chergui, played gigs around LA and recorded some songs, more about this project to come later on this site. Was lead singer and keys.

Formed ‘The Marshmellows’,  a recording project inspired by the Beatles and the short-lived ‘power pop’ revival in LA around 1997-98.  Sang all vocals, wrote and recorded all the songs, self-released an album on CD. One song features rhythm guitar by Chris Shryack of ‘Under the Sun’. (Also sang with UTS a little while in one of their incarnations).

And a long list of previous bands, managers, producers, fellow musicians and a cast of thousands in the movie that we all make in living our lives.

In no particular order and this is by no means a complete list but a few that come to mind are:

Leon Russell, Jimmy Hotz, Dave Kerzner/Luna Park, Under the Sun, Peristyle, Vince DiCola, Spray, Heaven-17, Kim Palmer, Hotz Corp, Gus Buzbee, The Marshmellows, Rob Mullins, Paleday, Chris Novack (of Culture Club/Paleday/Sputnik the Next Generation), Deon Vozov, Simeon Speagel, The Jetsons, Larry King, Djemel Chergui, David Golden, George Hutton, Jon Saxon, Red McKinney, Blue-Shift, Midnight Under Glass, Angstrom, Tim Kirkham, Kev Lomas, William Lemuel, Breeze, Wooden Studios.