For those that hold on to their dreams, despite the hurdles of time and space and the fickle whims of the ‘industry’. For those who know that music transcends age and appearance and fashion and all that superficial stuff, I salute you.

Music can do things all those imposters (to borrow a word from Rudyard ‘Rudy the Kip’ Kipling) can never do.  But enough of that philosophical stuff…

I’m here to make good art and to create new music that is an honest expression for the pure sake of it. There’s an album underway which will be a bit ‘AOR’, ‘classic rock’ in terms of influences and hopefully it will find its audience in some organic way.

I’m also very interested in doing guest vocal or keyboard parts, contributing songs or co-writing, etc.  Beyond that who knows, perhaps a live band. Or perhaps I’ll move to some remote island where I can top the charts 🙂

I am a firm believer in the idea that we all should try to make some part of the world a better place, contribute something positive.  Knowing some of my music has touched people has given me great motivation to forge ahead and I send my sincerest thanks to those that have shared their stories with me over the years.

Music without an audience is pretty much just a bunch of vibrations in the air.

-Robin Schell